Chris’s Harps

Chris plays two beautiful Celtic harps. One is made by Dusty Strings, of Seattle, WA. It is a 36-string, staved-back harp made of maple with a spruce soundboard. The bass strings are metal, while the middle and upper range are nylon.

The other is a 34-string, round-back harp made by Rick Kemper of Sligo Harps in Silver Spring, MD. This harp is made of cherry with a big-leaf maple sound board. The model is the Luchair (seen in the photo on the left on the ground). The bass strings on this harp are also metal, but the mid- and upper-range strings are made of carbon fibre, which is thinner and has a lighter tension than nylon. This gives the strings a percussive sound when playing faster music.

Both harps are works of art and reflect the excellence and skill of their makers.