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 Chris LaFond, Celtic Harp
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Chris plays two beautiful Celtic harps. One is made by Dusty Strings, of Seattle, WA. It is a 36-string, staved-back harp made of maple with a spruce soundboard. The bass strings are metal, while the middle and upper range are nylon.

The other is a 34-string, round-back harp made by Rick Kemper of Sligo Harps in Silver Spring, MD. This harp is made of cherry with a big-leaf maple sound board. The model is the Luchair. The bass strings on this harp are also metal, but the mid- and upper-range strings are made of carbon fibre, which is thinner and has a lighter tension than nylon. This gives the strings a percussive sound when playing faster music.

Both harps are works of art and reflect the excellence and skill of their makers.
Four Garden Harps

Dusty Strings
Sligo Harps
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